Welcome to the musical vision of Ancient Creation - heavy metal in its purest form, with no concern for being modern or trendy. The only goals for this five-piece act from the heart of Missouri are to push the limits of their ability and create great old school power metal with a progressive slant.

Only a few years ago, guitarist Peter Nisenkier decided to form a power metalband that would combine complex song arrangements, aggressive drums, powerful vocals and even some outlandish sounds from different niches of world music. First to come aboard was bassist Andy Critz, a former mate of Pete's from the days of their band Sativa. Guitarist and friend Jason Johnson was quickly brought in due to his ability to handle the complexity of the music.

A few months were spent on song writing alone, while looking for a skinsman who could hit hard, but also had a knack for unusual rhythms. After trying out many drummers, the band found Mike Burns, formerly of Parallels, another local progressive metal band. Sharing a love for the same type of metal, the music started to come together naturally. After experimenting with different styles and working with various vocalists, it became clear that this band was turning into a classic power metalband. Just then the band came across vocalist Steve Bentley, who had just done gig at the Milwaukee Metalfest with his band Darkside. Steve, looking to do something different, clicked with the band and Ancient Creation were really starting to generate their own dynamics. With this line-up in place, the band intends to leave their mark on a scene that had been gone for a number of years in the US, but is reinventing itself at the moment and has a dedicated following in Europe.

As individuals, the AC-members have toured the entire United States - and they are armed and ready to do so again with this new band. Ancient Creation have opened for several well-established acts such as Helstar, Lacuna Coil, Cage and most recently legends Metal Church and Meliah Rage. After the demo The uprising (privately released in 2006), they got very favourable European reviews and were subsequently picked up by the young US-metal-only label Melissa Records, based in The Netherlands. The band’s official debut CD is due out in the Fall of 2007.

Ancient Creation's live performances are filled with raw energy, fast and crazy guitar work, clear vocals that have an edge to them, and thunderous drums. The band is hungry to show the world that the intense power metal they have to offer comes straight from the heart.