Melissa Records – Bringing US metal to the world

In our digital age and corporate-controlled society, music has less and less to do with quality, integrity and longevity. Music in general has become a commodity, globally traded by conglomerates that create trends as quickly as they discard them. Heavy metal, that bastard son of rock ‘n’ roll, proudly resists the here-today-gone-tomorrow mentality pervading the business. And it shows: while traditional cd sales over the last few years have been taking a steady dive in almost every genre, traditional metal remains a stronghold – despite illegal downloading and copying.

Most labels, however, still prefer to sign acts that fit the flavour of the week the mainstream media feed the masses. As a result, too many outstanding bands, especially those from the United States continuing the tradition of US metal, again fall by the wayside. In 2006, the Dutch label Melissa Records was created with the sole purpose of releasing the very best that the versatile US underground has to offer.

A professional independent label run by metalheads for metalheads, Melissa Records is always searching for talented American metal bands. So if you think you can contribute something to the metal scene, don't hesitate to contact us.

Bands are encouraged to send in demos - please note the style indications:
- Power metal
- Progressive metal
- Thrash / Speed
- Heavy metal

Melissa Records​ B.V.
P.O. Box 288
5050 AG Goirle
The Netherlands

KvK. 18083488

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