Beyond Fallen: Studio update # 1: January 2007


Hey metalheads!

We loaded in our equipment at SI Studios in Scranton on Friday night and set up. Started early Saturday and went all day laying down tracks. It was strange being it is January and I did not need a coat when I went out to bring back lunch for the guys. I think it was like 60 F outside so it had to be a record high temperature. Sunday was another early start, but not as early.

The drums are finished and so is the bass as of today for all songs. Steve and Mike have been working on guitars and they are sounding great. I left the studio and they were going to try to work into the night, so as I write this Mike and Steve are still working.

Monday we'll see where we are at but some vocals will probably begin in the next few days. We're camped out in the studio for awhile until we are done. Some song titles are ‘Act of war’, ‘Mindfire’ and ‘Illusion of life’.

We have a few pictures from the studio up on the band's MySpace page: visit and go to ‘pics’.

Talk to you later!

Joe & Beyond Fallen