ShadowKeep sign with Melissa Records
August 25, 2008.

British-American power unit ShadowKeep, who have already carved a name for themselves with two outstanding albums, Corruption within and A chaos theory, have signed with Dutch label Melissa Records.

Over the course of the last few years, the band formed by guitarists Chris Allen and Nikki Robson have had to deal with several setbacks. Allen and Robson have never, however, erred in their determination to continue what, in our here-today-gone-tomorrow music culture, essentially is an exceptional musical endeavour: to create dynamic, technical powermetal with melodies that stick in the mind. Metal built to last, so to speak.

On their forthcoming third album The hourglass effect, an apocalyptic concept piece based on lyrics by new vocalist Richie Wicks, ShadowKeep have truly perfected their craft: blistering rhythm guitars and dual leads, soaring vocals, razor-sharp arrangements and a stunning production from Threshold-guitarist Karl Groom make for a fittingly aggressive yet sophisticated album that has all the trademarks of a future classic. For a taste of what’s to come, check out the new tracks ‘ShadowKeep’ and ‘Riot on earth’ at their MySpace.

The hourglass effect is set for a late 2008/early 2009 release by Melissa Records, based in The Netherlands and known for their dedication to traditional US-metal. Earlier releases include Mindfire by Beyond Fallen, Evolution bound by Ancient Creation and Monuments by Seventh Calling.

ShadowKeep have already been confirmed to play at the second installment of Mario’s Metal Meeting in club 013, Tilburg, The Netherlands on November 9, 2008.