Beyond Fallen: Reviews


On June 29th, 2007 Mindfire, the second full-length album by Pennsylvania powermetallers Beyond Fallen, was released on Melissa Records. Here’s what the reviews say: (Germany)

Holger Andrae

‘The meaty US-metal with some light Bay Area-elements gives followers of bands like Forbidden or Vicious Rumors a proper adrenaline kick. […] On Joe Karavis’s great performance alone Beyond Fallen manage to set themselves apart from the many good to very good bands in this genre. […] Highly recommended.’

Rock Hard (Germany)

Wolfram Küper

‘Apart from the in-your-face production and the galoping twin-guitar attacks, it’s Joe Karavis’s heroic vocals that truly mark the ten songs. This is how timeless powermetal has to sound!’

Keys and Chords-webzine (Belgium)

Dirk Vandereyken:

‘It’s been a while since we’ve heard such effective riffs, but the rhythm section is also impressive. […] Apart from the very melodic, but heavy music, there’s the imperial voice of singer Joe Karavis, the most experienced of all band members. […] With Beyond Fallen, we’re welcoming a new, highly talented band that will appeal to fans of Iced Earth, but also those of Overkill or Agent Steel.’

Legacy (Germany)

Sascha Blach

‘Powerful riffs, strong breaks and great vocals in the [James] Rivera-style make Mindfire into a treat for metal traditionalists. […] With songs like ‘Act of war’, ‘Sniper’ and ‘Bomb inside your head’, they should be able to take the European audience by storm.’

Thoughts Of Metal-webzine (Belgium)

Tim Vervaeke

‘Changing melody, drum pattern and riffing is done in the blink of an eye, without failures, and shows Beyond Fallen can do more than pure heavy metal. […] And if that wasn't enough, check out the closing ‘Bomb Inside Your Head’, because this is not something they quickly wrote to have a last song. Fast riffing, dito drumming (single bass, though) and Joe vigorously behind the mic. Solos too are top notch. Flawless song, like most of the pack here.’

FFM-Rock-webzine (Germany)

Martin Bothmann

‘US-powermetal is their motto and it is put across very convincingly. […] Joe Karavis’s vocals remind one of Blaze Bayley’s, to the point, raw, powerful.’

Metal Hammer (Germany)

Mark Halupczok

‘The quintet has a rather aggressive approach for a band of this style: the opening triple-pack ‘Act of war’, ‘Blood on the ice’ and ‘Enemy of an open mind’ gives the listener a thorough workout.’