Seventh Calling: Reviews


Seventh Calling’s debut album Monuments was released on Melissa Records on June 29th, 2007. Here are a few quotes from reviews:

Metal Temple-webzine (Greece)

Grigoris Chronis

‘Monuments includes everything you’ll ever need from America in metal music. […] The Lange/Handel duo spits fire all over. […] Devotees of striking solos (definitely Priest-influenced) will find a favorable newbie in Seventh Calling too. […] The album’s production kicks serious metal ass.’

Zware Metalen-webzine (The Netherlands)

Kees van Peer

‘The band treats the listener to a delectable slab of US-metal. Strong riffs with a pumping rhythm recall Metal Church, a little Vicious Rumors and also the mighty Priest.’

Stormbringer-webzine (Austria)


‘Pure US-metal! […] Some of the tracks have a very epic colour, are peppered with multiple-vocal layers and some modest keyboards. […] ‘Fight for your life’ is not only fascinating for its dark intro, but also for the intense dynamics of the song itself.’

Sea of Tranquility-webzine (USA)

Ken Sanford

‘…What we have here is good old fashioned heavy metal, period. When the band lists Judas Priest, Metal Church and Fates Warning as some of their influences, they aren’t kidding. [...] There is plenty of heavy dual guitar work going on, as band founders and guitarists Lance Lange and Steve Handel work extremely well in tandem. […] Tunes like ‘Silent screams’, ‘Fight for your life’ and ‘Mercyless’ really shine.’

Rock Hard (Germany)

Götz Kühnemund

‘Nothing revolutionary, but solid throughout. Die-hard US-metalfans should give it a listen.’

FFM-Rock-webzine (Germany)

Martin Bothmann

‘Worth mentioning besides ‘Insanity’, the best track on the cd, is ‘Mercyless’; both songs are extremely versatile with cool guitar leads that instantly stick in the mind. This is outstanding US-power metal.’


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